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              The culture of the Caribbean is flamboyant, vital and dynamic. It seems to be in perpetual flux, revealing many and various facets that continually amaze. Caribbean culture is the reservoir from which Caribbean artists draw the experiences and influences revealed through their artistic expression. Due to his exposure to numerous cultures: African, Dutch, Spanish, English, Amerindian - the Caribbean artist has the opportunities to derive influence, and to create his own culture from many. This melting pot allows the Caribbean artist to explore numerous artistic genres. A Bajan artist who has always exploited the various influences that create Caribbean culture is Ras Ishi Butcher. His artwork meanders through the illusive maze of the Barbadian and Caribbean culture; the Caribbean arts are explosive and significant in the interpretation of the Caribbean personality.
              The Barbadian artist Ras Ishi has been a very prolific Caribbean painter for the past three decades. He has continually honed his skills over that time and attained a high level of professionalism. Today he continues to explore and investigate the mysteries of the Caribbean individuality. Explore his virtual gallery and share the aesthetic orgasm of his works, as you delve into the soul of this creative, pugnacious and poetic artist.Enjoy the journey!

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