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2004 was a very productive year for Ras Ishi. He completed the series Nondisclosure started two years earlier. He also worked on six paintings for the show Barbadiana which toured Paris, Brussels, Montreal and culminated in Barbados. Similar in temperament to Nondisclosure, this series is mostly in black and white with hints of colour here and there to accentuate and heighten the pictorial tensions. The geometric and angular forms of the figures interplay with the background surface area. The amputative figures reveal that the work is not searching for figurative correctness but for compositional fortitude. The vertical and hotizontal planes are deftly handled. To commemorate Barbados' 38th Anniversary of Independence, the Embassy of Barbados at Washington, D.C staged the exhibition Ras Akyem and Ras Ishi: The Odyssey Continues. For that exhibition, curated by Anderson Pilgrim of DiasporA NoW, Ras Ishi developed a series of small scale works in a variety of media. This body of work continues along the lines of the Nondisclosure and Barbadiana series. They vibrate with an array of tactile surfaces,contrasting the foreground and the background while creating interesting visual dynamics.

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