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From barbados to south Africa has been overwhelming and traumatic for me.I was Greeted by severe dry and cold weather,something that I did not expect and was never Exposed to.My initial encounter with the South African society were polarization, Submissiveness and a social structure that resembles what exsist in Barbados.I was Shocked and grieved when I visited the township of Kilptown,where I came face to face With extreme poverty and dehumanizing living conditions.(my concept of what was a Ghetto have been redefine). In contrast the suburbs are large houses ,high fences and Electric security. My creative sensibility have been stimulated by such diverse situations.I have also had the pleasure of being exposed to at least two new exhibitions a week with some incredible artworks,and some very professional and dedicated artists.My stay here also allow me the time to indulge in reading plenty artistic literature and documentation on South African history. I would like to thank the Bag factory administrative staff and the Fordsburg studio artists Who provided a family atmosphere ,along with my fellow resident artists for an enlightened and interative time,which have nourished my creative abitlity for years to come.
Jah Bless! Ras Ishi
Unedited statement for the exhibition Outsiders catalog,at the Fordsburg Artist studios.

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