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Ras Ishi's second solo exhibtion, was held at the Zemicon Gallery in Bridgetown, Barbados. Curated by Mervyn Awon, this exhibition represented Ishi's attempt to divulge the Barbadian psyche. With its reminiscences of Barbados, the exhibition was intended for Barbadians. In some of the works the Bajan rural existence is rendered in a representational manner, while in the ‘Artist’ series, Ishi offers an insight into the life of an artist. His ease and fluency with a wide variety of drawing media shows his love for the graphical component of the visual arts. In a review for the catalogue Nick Whittle would comment "The work of Ras Ishi has always had the power to surprise;this body of work demonstrates once again that he is a master chameleon.In this exhibition the viewer is forced to contemplate two very different worlds of the artist;the struggle to create and the completed paintings".

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